Marcia Muller

Marcia Muller will tell you she began her career outside of Detroit-with the self publication of her first novels at the tender age of 12. It was a career that would be side-tracked by a University of Michigan professor who told her she had nothing interesting to say and Muller moved over into journalism.

When she did return to writing, her career still had some rocky detours before she achieved fame. The first publishing house to purchase her Sharon McCone novel-the opening to her most famous and beloved series-soon canceled its mystery line and it would be another four years before Muller landed at St. Martin's Press.

Since then, she has published 32 novels, sometimes collaborating with her husband. She is credited with being the first U.S. author to write a mystery series featuring a female private investigator.

Muller has won several awards for the McCone series including American Mystery Award for Best Private Eye Novel, a Life Achievement Award from the Private Eye Writers of America, and an Anthony for Best Novel.

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--B. Redman