Gillian Lee-Fong-Farris

Texan Gillian Lee-Fong-Farris returned to her Jamaican roots to find the setting for her novels.

Gillian Lee-Fong-Farris photo used with permissionBorn in Jamaica, she moved to the United States at age 15. She lived in New York and Atlanta for many years. She earned degrees at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta and went on to teach English to middle schoolers in the Texas Rio Grande Valley.

Her book celebrates a multi-culturalism that Lee-Fong-Farris herself embodies. She's the granddaughter of a man from China and a woman from Africa.

She began writing at a young age-publishing poetry in her school newspaper and writing comic books, plays, and movie scripts which she kept hidden away in her closet. It was only after graduating, marrying, and having four daughters that she published her first novel.



--B. Redman